July 16, 2024

The Boston Red Sox have been in the throes of a rebuild for what feels like years. The future of the organization is unclear at this time, as the Sox have very few long-term contracts on the books.

Boston’s current plan is to wait for the next round of prospects to reach the bigs before making too many commitments to current players or outside help. And the Red Sox have a lot of talent approaching MLB-readiness, waiting for their shot to crack the majors, which brings uncertainty for a fair few players on the current roster.

But there are more reasons some Red Sox’s futures with the club may be in jeopardy, from expiring contracts to failures to meet expectations.

The front office’s recent decisions have been inexplicable. Even playing well for the Red Sox won’t guarantee a contract extension or reunion in recent years — just look at Justin Turner. But quality performance is probably the best way to keep management interested, and this list of current Red Sox would benefit from a great season if they hope to stay with the organization.

Red Sox manager Alex Cora’s contract is quickly ticking toward its expiration. At the end of this season, Cora could either re-sign as Boston’s manager, manage elsewhere or move on from managing to a different career in baseball.

The skipper has been reluctant to discuss his expiring contract with reporters and there is little knowledge about Cora’s personal desires for the next season. He has told reporters that he has no current plans to put his house in Newton, MA up for sale, though, which might mean he hopes to stay in Boston.

Many reporters have theorized that Cora’s fate rests with the fate of the 2024 team — if the Red Sox manage to compete in the AL East this year, Cora may be in for an extension. If they don’t, despite the quality of the team not being his fault, Cora may well be on his way out.

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