July 12, 2024

TRAGEDY:Yankees coach is very angry and announces reason for his immediate resignation…

There are so many colleges and universities in the state of New York. Hell, there are tons in New York City alone! Can somebody in the Yankees organization get in the classroom for a public relations course? One singular employee?

News broke early Monday that Martino Cole was headed for an MRI on his pitching elbow because he’s been having trouble recovering in between starts (even though he’s only had one start). Any time a player goes for this type of testing, it rarely yields good news.

Now, had this news not come out of nowhere and in conjunction with the ridiculous Aaron Judge “mid-spring beat up” that will keep him out of action until Wednesday (for now!), fans still would’ve been freaking out, but their ire wouldn’t be directed at the organization.

The problem? The team then leaked to SNY’s Andy Martino that the MRI was a “precautionary” measure and that there isn’t “extreme concern,” but you also must remember that the Yankees never send players for precautionary testing. And even if they do, they never report it, so why start now?

Then, an hour later, MLB.com’s Bryan Hoch reported the Yankees might not have the MRI results by Monday or Tuesday, and that there will be multiple opinions provided for Cole’s potential course of action. That’s great, so we’ll just sit here worried and listen to Martino and Hoch battle it out as they hit us with updates from both ends of the spectrum?

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