July 16, 2024

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He remarked, “I’m just excited to come out here and hoops.” Simply put, playing in Portland is awesome. It’s always a little bit unique.

However, Pritchard’s reaction when he found out starting point guard Jrue Holiday would miss time due to a knee injury was described differently by teammate Sam Hauser.

With a giggle, he remarked, “I think he was pumped.” However, he was undoubtedly controlling his feelings.

Pritchard undoubtedly displayed the excitement of a man making his home debut. In what was his tenth career start, he scored 11 points with eight assists, a season-high eight rebounds, and zero turnovers.

“My overall game was solid, but there were a few shots I probably wish I had back,” said Pritchard, who made 5 of 11 from

Most amazingly, his turnover rate remained unchanged. They had about 50% more playing time, although their batting average dropped slightly from.8 to.7.

The way Pritchard handled the ball and found ways to get it to the team’s three major scorers—Jason Tatum, Jaylen Brown, and Al Horford—helped Boston defeat the Blazers with relative ease.

Hauser remarked, “Just shows that he got the ball where it needed to be at the right time.” “Made a few shots and had a great attack on the glass. Overall, I believe he played a pretty solid game.

Brown concurred.

He declared, “Payton was great.” Payton has been contributing to our team’s playmaking and enthusiasm off the bench for a time now. Furiously pointing the finger

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