July 22, 2024


It was reported that the Houston Texans are reuniting with former New Orleans Saints defensive back, Lonnie Johnson Jr. Johnson, who started his career in Houston, playing his first three seasons with the Texans, spent the last season in New Orleans. Now he plans to return to the franchise where his NFL career got started.

This impacts the Saints because Lonnie Johnson Jr. provided depth in the secondary and was solid when out on the field. During the end of this past season, Johnson kept getting increased snaps due to him playing well. He played 12 games for the Saints and grabbed an interception during his limited snaps.

After it was reported that Johnson would be returning to the Texans, he took to social media to let Saints fans that he’ll always have love for them and that he tried to work on a deal to return, but ultimately couldn’t get it done.

Bringing back Johnson Jr. wouldn’t have been a flashy move by any means but it would have been able to keep some much-needed depth. Without it, various players are going to have to step up such as Jordan Howden, Alontae Taylor, and Paulson Adebo. They are going to have an increased opportunity to cement themselves as quality players for the team.

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