July 12, 2024

Red bull racing biggest mistake is that……

Ah yes, from one human rights-oppressing nation to another.

F1‘s early season tour of Amnesty International’s ‘AVOID!!!’ list continued with a short hop from Bahrain (“prisoners were tortured”) to Saudi Arabia (“courts resorted to the death penalty following grossly unfair trials“), at a race venue made possible by the forced eviction of thousands of residents to make way for the grand prix paddock club – We Race as One Bulldozing Home Destroyer etc.

Don’t worry though, the world championship won’t be visiting another Despot Drome until Round 5, when the world championship hits a country which, during its absence from the calendar in recent years, has kept itself busy with some serious ethnic cleansing. Lots to look forward to then.

Luckily, F1’s virtuous goodwill tour will sort things out, a shining example of morality, kindness and… oh, wait a second!

Horner-gate has so far had more twists and turns than the Corniche-side circuit itself, the latest plot-spinner being that the dark lord himself Helmut Marko admitted he may soon be suspended, implying heavily that the junior driver terroriser might have been part of the slightly underwhelming Whatsapp message leak designed to make the whole affair run on and on.

Previously righteous Toto Wolff then waded in by suggesting he’d happily bring Marko in from the potential cold to fill Mercedes’ ‘cranky Austrian ex-racing driver’ vacancy if it meant securing Marko’s loyal protege Max Verstappen too. Wild.

Jeddah. appendix then nearly exploded, Ferrari had to draft in a lad who looks like he should be sweating over his Design Technology BTEC and the FIA president ran into yet another controversy.

It was all going up and down in Jeddah.


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