July 22, 2024

something has happened to ohio state head coach

Videos have already surfaced of new quarterback Will Howard throwing to Smith. Fans of the team are already getting excited about the player. As the number one overall recruit, many teams heavily recruited him. However, the Buckeyes have a track record of turning receivers into stars, and that was too much to ignore for Smith. Fellow teammate Devin Brown had this to say about Smith.

“He’s a freak. He’s gonna be next level. ‘I mean, that guy handles things the right way and does everything right in the weight room. I was throwing with him yesterday and every time I throw to him it’s like, ‘Geez, this kid’s a stud. He’s gonna be a freak.’”

Often, true freshmen don’t always come in and play right away. It seems that Smith is already climbing the depth chart and should see the field a lot in 2024.

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