July 22, 2024

COLUMBUS, Ohio — Ohio State’s first day of spring practice focused on the quarterback situation and the defensive changes.


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Devin Brown showed promise, but Will Howard is expected to be the starting quarterback. Sonny Styles made a position change to linebacker, which seems permanent. The offensive line configuration featured Luke Montgomery at guard, emphasizing athleticism. Chip Kelly’s role as quarterbacks coach and his relationship with Ryan Day were discussed.

The importance of competitive periods and performance in spring practice was highlighted. The conversation covers various topics related to the Ohio State football team, including the offensive line and run game, the wide receiver position, the physical readiness of young players, and the importance of the quarterback position.

Read the automated transcript of today’s podcast below. Because it’s a computer-generated transcript, it may contain errors and misspellings.

Welcome back to Buckeye Talk. I’m Stephen Means and that’s Nathan Barrett and that’s Andrew Gillis and we watched football, kind of. Well, we watched them throw a football around with helmets and shoulder pads on. They’re not in full pads, but Ohio State went through its first day of spring practice on Tuesday. And then we talked with Ryan Day and new offensive coordinator, Chip Kelly, about an hour and a half after we got done watching that practice. We only saw the first 30 minutes or the first five periods, typically whichever one comes first, depending on how practice is going.

Nathan watched quarterbacks. I watched the rest of the offense. Andrew watched defense, and then we all listened to the coaches talk. Obviously we’re going to start with the quarterback situation, Nathan, because that is the most pressing thing at need. What’s the most interesting thing that stood out when you were watching Ohio State’s five quarterback

Listen, and I missed the very beginning, you guys got to see them go against the, a little bit of defensive alignment, not a live period by any means, but you guys got to see a little bit more than I did. Most of what I saw is them throwing against Air, and there’s Air the element, not Air Noland. And I don’t want to read…

With that too, they also worth throwing against air because it’s a competition. So techni

Fair, fair, I suppose. So there’s only so much I wanna read into that. I mean, Devin Brown going first was not a surprise by any means and doesn’t mean the world. This is how Ohio State often will handle these transfer situations when there’s a veteran incumbent, certainly a starter, but a veteran incumbent that’s already in, a veteran backup incumbent that’s already in place. So that didn’t surprise me. I thought Devin Brown looked sharp today for the most part.


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