July 22, 2024

josh allen is back after been addiminstered at the hospital


Buffalo’s offense struggled mightily in the 2010 season. They scored 1.42 points per drive (26th), scored on 25.3% of drives (29th), and turned the ball over on 19.2% of drives (31st). Buffalo had 21 interceptions and 18 fumbles lost, which is preposterously bad. On the plus side they were fairly average at avoiding sacks

.On defense they managed 11 interceptions and 11 fumble recoveries. That’s right, only one more takeaway than just the interception numbers on offense. You won’t be shocked to learn that Buffalo had the worst turnover differential in the league that season (-17). They allowed 2.14 points per drive (29th), allowed scores on 39.3% of drives (28th), and unbelievably were somehow at 10.5% of drives ending in a turnover (26th, which is quite a bit better than I’d have expected).

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