July 22, 2024

Johnny Manziel says he will boycott Heisman ceremony for 1 reason

Johnny Manziel said Saturday that he will not be attending future Heisman Trophy ceremonies to protest what he sees as an injustice.

In a pair of posts on X, Manziel said he would boycott the Heisman ceremony going forward until Reggie Bush has his trophy restored and returned to him. The 2012 Heisman winner said it “doesn’t sit right with my morals and values that he can’t be on that stage with us every year

In a second post, Manziel doubled down by saying that no amount of money would tempt him to reverse his decision, citing Bush’s play as inspirational.

The subject of Bush’s Heisman has been a thorny one for some time. The 2005 winner was forced to return his Heisman in 2010 after an investigation found that he had received improper benefits during the 2005 season. Bush’s mandated disassociation period ended in 2020, and the major shift in NIL rules has led to many calls for the NCAA to restore Bush’s records and honors. The NCAA has previously stated that it will not re-evaluate previous penalties, even in light of rule changes made since they were handed down.

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