July 16, 2024

The MLS NEXT Development Grant program was unveiled by Major League Soccer today. It is an endeavor to acknowledge the noteworthy contributions made by MLS NEXT Elite Academies to the professional player route by means of sustained investment in the young development ecosystem

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For qualified players who advance through the program, MLS NEXT Elite Academies (non-MLS academy programs) get pay.

MLS NEXT Elite Academy, MLS club academy, and MLS first team as a homegrown player comprise the professional player pathway. Over 100 MLS NEXT Elite Academies are spread across 30 states for the 2023–24 MLS NEXT season.

While acknowledging the significant influence clubs have in an athlete’s early development, the Development Grant program will give athletes in the US and Canada more chances to receive the best player development available. Eight distinct MLS NEXT Elite Academies have already received compensation totaling more than $100,000 from the program for youngsters who are retrospectively qualified for the Development Grant. You can find HERE comprehensive details about eligibility, financing sources, noteworthy quotes, and recipients who are eligible retroactively.

From the age of nine to sixteen, Adam Beaudry’s time at Real Colorado was characterized by leadership and unrelenting dedication. Real Colorado feels that its influence goes beyond player development to include building a culture of cooperation and community cohesiveness. The cl”Benjamin Cremaschi demonstrated leadership and collaboration in helping Weston FC win a national championship. This accomplishment demonstrates our club’s winning culture. For all of our players, Benjamin’s legacy at the Club is an inspiration. He serves as an inspiration, demonstrating that aspirations may come true with perseverance, courage, and humility. We are really grateful for the grant that MLS NEXT is giving us. Players and needy families can receive substantial financial assistance from Weston FC. Players who would not otherwise be able to play with an MLS NEXT club like ours will benefit from this funding. – Luis Mendoza, Weston FC’s technical directorub wholeheartedly supports the Development Grant’s initiative. We think it would help Real Colorado and the larger community by enabling us to keep raising the bar and improving the youth soccer scene.”- Real Hollywood Academy Director Clint Baumstark

Players from the MLS Homegrown program are now essential components of the professional player pipeline and club roster construction thanks to ongoing investments in player development. Over 70 players have secured MLS contracts as homegrown players since the start of 2023; 84% of those players have participated in MLS NEXT Pro. In 2023, a record 187 goals were scored by roughly 175 different Homegrown players who played in the regular season. This represents a 15% increase from the previous year. Exactly half (87) of the 174 Homegrown players participated in at least 50% of MLS regular-season games.


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