July 24, 2024

According to Dan Orlovsky of ESPN, the Vikings are unable to afford to give Kirk Cousins and Justin Jefferson large contract extensions.
While Jefferson will enter the fifth and final year of his rookie contract in 2024, Cousins’ contract expires in March. Both could receive substantial payoffs during the offseason; Jefferson recently declared on SiriusXM that he wants to “break the bank.”

Vikings' Kevin O'Connell looks for his first bounce-back win | kare11.com

Regarding the Vikings predicament, Orlovsky stated the following Thursday on The Pat McAfee Show: “I’ve been saying for a year now, ‘What’s the No. 1 method to keep Justin?’ Like, that’s the only consideration that counts. Because of this, I believe that eventually you’ll need to move up to quarterback, especially with Kirk’s caliber of play.

“But you’re not going to be able to afford both Justin, at a high number, and Kirk Cousins at a number that he’s going to be able to command in free agency.” The Vikings have about $27 million in cap space going into the summer. Cousins’ free agency will cost the Vikings $28 million this season if he leaves without sThere are other teams who are reportedly interested in Cousins besides Minnesota. National pundits have mentioned Atlanta, Pittsburgh, and Las Vegas as possible destinations for the 35-year-old quarterback.

Prospective teams won’t need to worry about Cousins’ Achilles injury, which ended his 2023 season early, if his dance routines at Thursday night’s NFL Honors are any indication.igning a new contract.In a loaded quarterback class, the Vikings have been strong candidates to select a quarterback in light of the possibility that they will lose Cousins for nothing this offseason. Orlovsky suggested that in order to replace Cousins and satisfy Jefferson, the Vikings should advance to select one of the best quarterbacks available.
“Minnesota is going to have to make a move at quarterback,” Orlovsky stated. “They made an attempt to approach Anthony [Richardson] last year. based on reports, at least. I’m not sure if those are entirely true, but they made an attempt to capture Richardson. This year, I could see them advancing once more.”

The Vikings have been mentioned as a trade-up candidate previously. This week, it’s not even the first time. The very absurd suggestion made by Colin Cowherd was that the Vikings send Jefferson to New England in exchange for the third overall choice in the 2018 draft.

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