July 16, 2024

The offensive line coach for the Browns has been replaced by Bill Callahan.


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According to SI.com’s Albert Breer, the Browns will appoint Andy Dickerson to that position inside Kevin Stefanski’s staff. Callahan departed to become a member of his son Brian’s Titans staff.

Prior to selecting Ken Dorsey to take over as offensive coordinator, the Browns conducted interviews with Dickerson as well. In Cleveland, the two men will now collaborate on projects.

Dickerson played with the Seahawks for the previous three seasons. He has coached the offensive line the last two seasons and served as the run game coordinator in 2021. Before going to Seattle, he worked for the Rams for nine seasons.

Patrick Mahomes claims that Brock Purdy became one of the best quarterbacks in the NFL, despite the fact that not many people saw him

Purdy and Mahomes will square off in Super Bowl LVIII. Mahomes stated that he watched Purdy in college and thought he would

“I’ve watched Brock play since college, so I knew he was good,” Mahomes remarked on opening night of the Super Bowl. I watched him play a lot because I frequently watch the Big 12. He was a winner who, during his time in college, produced plays. Regardless of your environment, you can typically make it happen in college and turn around a

Brock Purdy had to sign with the 49ers before he could play quarterback for them. With the final selection of the draft, he joined the 49ers.

And with a little help from 49ers co-chair Dr. John York, he ended up being the final selection in the draft.

In his Football Morning in America piece, head coach Kyle Shanahan told Peter King that ownership provided a sudden flash of insight when it came time to select the team in the 2022 selection.

“I recall [Dr. York] asking, ‘Who’s the best player out there?’ as the pick approached. “Well, without a doubt, Purdy is the best player,” I say. “So what are we talking about?” he asks. I thought, “Well, there’s

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