July 22, 2024

For the love of spicy sauce, Jason Kelce is taking off a ton of shirts.

The 36-year-old NFL center gained notoriety late last month when, while supporting his brother Travis Kelce and the Kansas City Chiefs in the stands at Highmark Stadium, he screamed and took off his shirt. Jason parodies his viral moment in a new social media advertisement for Frank’s RedHot by taking off several shirts to show the recipe for buffalo chicken dip step-by-step.
The commercial opens with him saying, “Hey, welcome to Kelce kitchen. Let me tell you how to make Frank’s RedHot buffalo chicken dip.”

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He takes off his shirt after adding an ingredient to expose the next. “It’s two cups of shredded cooking chicken,” he says, sportingJason finds it difficult to remove his “1/2 cup ranch dressing” shirt in a single, neat rip. He quips, “Oh, that one was a little harder.” “But I understand now!”

Half a cup of crumbled blue cheese comes next, and then the main attraction: half a cup RedHot Frank’s.

Jason was clearly enjoying himself as he teased fans with layers upon layers of shirts that read directions instead of ingredients. “Mix,” followed by baking instructions emblazoned on the following two shirts.
At last, just when the audience is ready for him to reveal himself completely, he pulls off a swift one. He pulls out a white shirt with the humorous text, “I put that —- on everything,” in place of the others’ red shirts.

He takes a bite out of his dip repeats the phrase. He exclaims enthusiastically when the video ends, “Yes!”
Jason will do precisely what his last shirt states on Super Bowl Sunday. As part of another social media effort, he will place Frank’s on items that are featured in Super Bowl advertisements, including as Oreos, Doritos, Starry, and more.
The brothers talked about the viral event on an episode of Wave Sports & Entertainment’s podcast New Heights with Jason and Travis Kelce.
The Philadelphia Eagles player stated, “I wanted to take everything off and be out there with the fans.” Jason acknowledged that he had been itching to “go outside” and “take my shirt off and be out there.” “I want to take your shirt.What effect did it have on Taylor Swift, Travis’s girlfriend, who was in the suite with Jason and his wife Kylie Kelce during the game? “Tay said she absolutely loved you,” stated Travis.

He went on, “Your best first impression is the worst impression ever,” and then compared the moment with the shirtless guy to a scene in Old School where the character yells, “We’re going to go streaking!”

However, prior to the game, Jason and Kylie, 31, had discussed the shirtless act. “To be honest, I warned Kylie about it. I said, ‘I’m taking my shirt off and jumping out of that suite,’ as soon as we entered the suite. ‘Jason, don’t you dare,’ she exclaimed.


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