July 13, 2024

It’s common for a former employee to harbor some resentment toward their previous employer. It seems that even NFL coaches are susceptible to that.

Super Bowl 58: Patrick Mahomes avoiding Tom Brady comparisons | LiveScore


After he joined Kevin Stefanski’s staff a little over a week ago, Ken Dorsey was introduced by the Browns on Monday as their new offensive coordinator. Following his dismissal from the Buffalo Bills and head coach Sean McDermott in the midst of the previous campaign, Dorsey moves to Cleveland.In the midst of getting ready for Super Bowl LVIII, Patrick Mahomes has refused to give in to the comparisons to Tom Brady and his undefeated New England Patriots teams.

Though Patrick Mahomes may not acknowledge the existence of a “Dark Side,” he has, like Anakin Skywalker before him, become into the same thing he vowed to eradicate.

In preparation for Sunday’s Super Bowl LVIII (6:30 p.m. ET, CBS) against the San Francisco 49ers, Mahomes and his Kansas City Chiefs are in Las Vegas. The rematch has not been well received on the internet, with nearly everyone outside of the Midwest and the Bay Area expressing their wish to have watched either Detroit or Baltimore, the conference silver medalists, make new championship sacrifices in its place.

Instead, the Chiefs led by Mahomes make it to the Big Game for the fourth time in five seasons, mirroring the historic run of the New England Patriots in previous decades. Although their first-round run to the NFL playoffs was an inspiring tale, the team’s repeated success soon became tiresome to the point where the once-downtrodden team was reduced to a football villain.


As the football world descended upon Sin City for the first night of Super Bowl coverage, Mahomes acknowledged that he has observed similarities between his Chiefs and the Patriots, led by Tom Brady and present in nine of the first twenty championship games of the twenty-first century.

Mahomes stated, “I can definitely sense (the comparisons),” according to ESPN’s Jeff Darlington. “I’ve never been like that in my entire life, therefore I never felt like that. However, it’s starting to get comical. Not that I want to suggest you like it. That was, I know, a Patriots asset for a time. I’m hoping we approach it differently and with a little more levity and charm.”

But teams grow to dislike you if you continue to win.

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