July 16, 2024

Here’s a really ridiculous trade suggestion from well-known sports media figure Colin Cowherd: The Vikings jump up from No. 11 to No. 3 in this year’s draft by sending Justin Jefferson and their 2025 first-round pick to the Patrio

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On Monday, Cowherd stated, “I’ve got an idea,” on his program The Herd. “The third pick goes to New England. What is sorely lacking in New England? a dramatist. Justin Jefferson: I’ll swap picks with you for the first-round pick in the next year, and Justin Jefferson will go from 11 to 3. Because they already have Jordan Addison and their preferred tight end, T.J. Hockenson. They have talented players. Justin Jefferson should jump up to the number three place in order to acquire your quarterback next year.”

That’s a really hot idea from Cowherd. Though the idea in general is intriguing, the specifics are merely nonsensical.

It is true that Jefferson has not yet signed a record-breaking contract deal with the Vikings (think $35 million a year). It’s also true that if Kirk Cousins goes with another team, they’ll need a quarterback in this year’s draft; Cowherd’s suggestion was brought up in relation to Jeremy Fowler of ESPN reporting that teams think the Vikings could trade up for a quarterback in April. However, the Patriots would be stealing from this deal proposal. The world’s top wide receiver and the first-round selection in the next season

This offseason, there has been every indication that the Vikings intend to sign Jefferson and retain him in Minnesota. However, since no transaction has been finalized, conjecturing about an implausible Jefferson swap is not wholly absurd. Even though the team acquiring him would have to pay him to make the transaction worthwhile, the Vikings would still like to receive a sizable return if it were to occur. Regardless of their thoughts on Daniels, they will not exchange Jefferson and the top pick of the following year in order to advance eight spots in the current selection.

It’s reasonable to wonder if the Vikings will be able to sign Cousins and Jefferson to long-term deals that will pay more than $35 million a year this offseason. It’s highly suggestive to imply that they might not perform one of those things. Consider this: getting to pass to the best receiver in football is a major draw for the Vikings if they select a quarterback in the first round this year. The Vikings don’t want to allow Jefferson to continue to dominate the league in any jersey other than their own, even though Addison and Hockenson are under long-term contract.



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