July 16, 2024

While we already knew that the Buffalo Bills would not play a “home” game overseas two seasons in a row, we were still unsure of the locations of each team’s away games. The biggest news of all was that the Philadelphia Eagles would play on Friday of the opening week of the 2024 NFL season as one half of the matchup in NFL’s first-ever game in São Paulo, Brazil. The other teams for the clash in Corinthians Arena will be revealed later. The NFL host teams for the 2024 International Games series were announced on Monday night.

Bills WR Stefon Diggs joins teammates Dawkins and Cook on 2024 Pro Bowl roster

The Chicago Bears (London, UK — Tottenham Hotspur Stadium), Minnesota Vikings (London, UK — Tottenham Hotspur Stadium), Jacksonville Jaguars (London, UK — Wembley Stadium), and Carolina Panthers (Munich, DE — Allianz Arena) are the other “host/home” teams competing outside of the United States in 2024.

But in 2024, what will all of this mean for the Buffalo Bills? This indicates that the Bills will not be visiting or “hosting” an opponent on foreign soil in the upcoming season.

Buffalo Bills’ 2024 opponents at home:

As you may remember, in Week 5 of the 2023 NFL season, the Bills traveled to play host to the Jaguars. Jacksonville had already adjusted to the time difference from their Week 4 game in the UK, and they were seen as the “visiting team” against Buffalo, who had flown to London on Friday morning in preparation for their Sunday match. Whether from misfortune or ill-preparedness, the team performed poorly and the defense was decimated by injuries. With a 3-2 record, the team started a concerning early-season skid.

This season, Buffalo’s opponents are not slated to play abroad, with the exception of the Jaguars, who play two games in the UK every year. That does not imply that their itinerary should be seen as

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