July 15, 2024


Just In: Buffalo Bills reportedly confirm the Signing of Another MLB player

CLEVELAND, Ohio — Newly hired Browns offensive coordinator, Ken Dorsey, took questions from reporters on Monday at CrossCountry Mortgage Campus regarding returning back to Cleveland, what happened in Buffalo, Deshaun Watson, and more.

Kevin Stefanski: “Okay, going to introduce Ken Dorsey here in a second. I just want to address some of the changes we’ve made to the offensive staff and talk through that.

I’m really proud of the things that we’ve accomplished the last four years and I just want to address T.C. McCartney, Stump Mitchell – huge parts of that success. We did a lot of really good things over the last four years together and I’m proud of that and they’re big parts of that. Alex Van Pelt, you guys know how I feel about AVP. The person, the coach. Very happy for him to be able to run that offense in New England. I know he’ll do a great job. Bill Callahan, very unique situation there to go work for Brian (Callahan).

Not with Brian. He’s going to work for Brian. I can’t wait for Brian to boss him around. The dream of every kid is to boss their parents around.

So happy for those guys. Again, I think organizationally we realize that’s a unique situation and did not want to stand in the way of that. So excited – for certainly Brian and Bill down there. You know when we made this decision very early on, Ken was a guy that we identified that could help us, help me, be an integral part of this offense. And Ken and I have known each other for a little while. We’ve kind of come up in this profession together if you will. Just watching Ken in college, in the pros, having success as a player, having success as a coach. He really fits who we are culturally.

He’s a family man. His daughters are very important to everything he’s doing. He’s been in, I think, how many volleyball games this weekend? Yeah, quite a few. But a smart person who fits us from a culture standpoint just has had a ton of success really every stop along the way and really pleased to add Ken to this group. Play calling, which I know everybody wants to talk about.

We’ll get there. It’s February 5. What’s most important, what I’m looking forward to the most is putting this offense back together with Ken really leading the charge. And that’s why he’s here and really pleased to have him here. And with that, I’ll introduce Ken Dorsey.”


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