July 16, 2024

The Tennessee Was Brutally Massaged By The NCAA Regarding…

Tennessee Volunteer offensive lineman Jackson Lampley filed a six-page declaration in court defending the states of Tennessee and Virginia.

In a case against the NCAA, offensive lineman Jackson Lampley of Tennessee has joined defendants Danny White, the athletic director, and James Clawson, the co-founder of Spyre Sports. Following the announcement that the NCAA will look into the University of Tennessee for possible illegal recruiting violations, the states of Tennessee and Virginia filed lawsuits against each other.

Lampley submitted a six-page testimony outlining the current landscape of college football and gave a player’s perspective on NIL. White took to his X account on Thursday to issue a statement of his own, where he said that “100% of major programs” are doing exactly what they are.

“The hiring procedure comes to an end with the signature of the letter of intent. Competing universities are prohibited from getting in touch with that recruit after the LOI is completed.

Even though many athletes give schools non-binding “verbal” pledges before signing a letter of intent, this does not always mean that the recruiting process is over. Recruits are still free to change their minds, and some explicitly indicate that they are open to hearing from other universities, which could lead them to weigh one offer against another.” Tennessee Volunteers offensive lineman Jackson Lampley testified

Lampley went on to describe his interactions with prospective recruits on NIL as being a factor in their college decisions.

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