July 15, 2024

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After returning to Portland following his trade, Damian Lillard was ecstatic and even talked about where he wanted to conclude his career.

Before the Bucks’ 119-116 loss to the Blazers on Wednesday night, Dame was thinking back on his time there with nostalgia.

He mentioned retiring there when the time comes, in fact.

“because of my feelings on Portland and the time I’ve spent here. That’s where I always thought my career would end, in my opinion,” Lillard told ESPN.

The Blazers played two videos in honor of Dame before the game, one honoring his contributions to the team and the other his volunteer work.

Lillard finished the game with a record of 25 points, 6 rebounds, 7 assists, and an outstanding slam despite the defeat.

Following the game, Lillard remarked, “These kinds of games where there’s a lot of meaning and emotion, these are always fun.” There is a little bit more juice in these games. That was the evening’s event. The game was enjoyable.

When asked if playing for a team he gave his all to for 11 seasons gave him closure, Lillard responded in the affirmative.

Lillard said to The Athletic, “My relationship to the city and the fans here, the organization, it’s never ending.” “I simply know that’s something that doesn’t happen often; I don’t look at it as closure or anything like that. Being selected as a draft pick, being able to accomplish so much, getting along well with the organization and the fans, and enjoying a great deal of success in a new place. It will play a significant role in my legacy and my accomplishments as an athlete and a man.

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