July 12, 2024

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Though they’ve traditionally been the biggest games outside of conferences, they now have a completely different significance.Positively, everyone always looks forward to seeing the games with powerhouse teams from various conferences facing off against one another.

It’s a big deal when a team from one of the four major conferences goes out and plays someone else from a wealthy league in this day and age, when the Group of Five leagues (AAC, CUSA, MAC, Mountain West, and Sun Belt) are being sidelined more than ever.

Generally speaking, each side should be able to get one of these games. Everyone does need a little break versus weaker teams because conference slates are so difficult and there isn’t a preseason to get ready for. You’ve completed your task if you play one more Power Four squad.

The fact that there will be a 12-team College Football Playoff this season lessens the significance of these, on the down side.A win was a catapult in the four-team era, while a loss would destroy any ambitions of winning a national championship. A loss to anyone in the poll-and-bowl era was almost probably a fatal blow. Right now?

That’s unfortunate that you lost, but if you win your conference or end 10-2, you’ll be in the tournament.Any member of the ACC, Big Ten, Big 12, and SEC is considered a Power Four team, and Notre Dame, an independent with an arrangement with the ACC for friends with benefits, is also included. Additionally, even though Oregon State and Washington State will be sticking out with the Mountain West for some time, they are included for the time being.The Big 12 has a peculiar twist as well, with Arizona vs. Kansas State and Baylor vs.

Utah designated as non-conference matches even though both teams are currently Big 12 members. They are included in the 49.Here is our ranking of every Power Four vs. Power Four non-conference college football game based on matchup, expected national interest, and how huge these games should be.Schedules for each team and predictions for each gameBig Ten, Big 12, SEC, and ACC

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