July 24, 2024

In Arizona, Will’s father is snowbirding with J.T. Raymond.

After the Detroit Lions defeated Tampa Bay last weekend to secure a spot in the NFC championship game in San Francisco, the Windsor brothers received a call from their father.

Will recalled, “I was just flabbergasted when my dad basically said, hey, just bought tickets for the NFC championship game, are you able to fly out?”

“This is amazing. This is awesome. I’m pumped. He’s a good dad.” J.T. said with a beaming smile.

He has season tickets and is still riding high from attending last weekend’s game at Ford Field.

“Let me tell yeah I’ve left a lot of times disappointed but as of late we’re gonna ride this train man and I want to be there at ground zero when it happens.”

Will looks forward to the family bonding moment and being among a throng of Lions fans in the City by The Bay.

“We’re going to go into San Francisco and change the Golden Gate into the Lions Gate,” he said.

According to Vivid Seats Lions fans will take up 20 per cent of Levi’s Stadium Sunday.

“I’m not packing anything else but my shirts and hats and that,” said Nick Malian who, along with his dad and brother, will be rockin’ the Honolulu blue with thousands of others. The family has held season tickets for over three decades.

“I don’t know if we’ll ever get a chance to go back to an NFC Championship game as a Lions fan and I thought you know this would be great especially to be able to go with my two sons.”

Nick feels blessed. “The stars aligned that we can all get there and see hopefully a Lions victory.”

A facilitator for the family trip is former Windsor Lancers quarterback Sam Malian who moved to California before the new year for work.

He has fond memories of being a fan taking trips to Pontiac.

“And tailgating on Thanksgiving Day so the fact that we’re coming full circle now to the three of us reuniting for the NFC Championship game is pretty cool,” sam said.

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