July 16, 2024

It is improbable that Liverpool will make a noteworthy transfer this month. However, the club will continue to monitor the market. And Liverpool won’t think twice to seize the opportunity if it presents itself.

It’s likely still possible for Jurgen Klopp’s team to improve at the holding midfield position. Despite Wataru Endo’s arrival to the team, the 30-year-old Japanese midfielder does not seem like a long-term answer.

To truly initiate Liverpool 2.0, Klopp must identify his long-term future number six in the midfield.

I know': £50m player's advisors have been telling Liverpool they really need  to sign him

It remains to be seen who that will be.
João Palhinha

Joao Palhinha, a midfielder for Fulham, is one player that Liverpool is rumored to have been offered. The Daily Star claims that the Portuguese international, who has excelled in the Premier League over the past year or so, is worth about £50 million.

Meanwhile, Palhinha has been offered to Liverpool by the player’s management, according to transfer expert Alex Crook, who was speaking on talkSPORT.

50m player now responds when urged not to join Liverpool

“He inked a new deal, and while I doubt it will happen this month, Bayern’s interest in him hasn’t diminished.

“However, I am aware that his advisors have been approaching elite teams, particularly Chelsea and Liverpool, and saying, ‘Look, this player has proven himself a Premier League, do you want to make Fulham an offer?'”

They’re currently pushing back on it because of his age—I believe he’s 28—because he doesn’t really match the mold that these teams are looking for, but I believe that’s a mistake since he’s arguably Fulham’s best player.

Palhinha’s agents are naturally attempting to get him a significant move. He is deserving of taking his profession to the next level. Liverpool’s hesitation makes understandable, though. This summer, he will turn 29 years old, so he’s not exactly the long-term answer Klopp wants.


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