July 15, 2024

Enzo Fernandez, 22, joined the Blues in the January 2023 window and has been at Stamford Bridge for a year.
An intriguing rumor has surfaced explaining why Man United may have been interested in the Argentine midfield player.
When Ralf Rangnick was the Old Trafford interim manager, it seems that he recommended Fernandez to Man United.

Knowing Rangnick, Demba Ba revealed that the central midfielder was being considered for a transfer back in the beginning of 2022 while he was still with River Plate in Argentina.

You'd be amazed'… Demba Ba claims Man United were told to sign 22-year-old before  he joined Chelsea

“I still talk to Ralf (Rangnick) occasionally. He is not the type of guy to reach out; instead, he holds you close to his heart. Fantastic person,” Ba said to iNews.

“He wasn’t a failure at Manchester United, despite what some people say. Really, he was set up to fail.

You would be astounded if you knew the list he handed Manchester United to sign while he was there. It happened in January of 2022.

Gvardiol Josko was on it. Erling Haaland and Jude Bellingham were definitely on it. It was Enzo Fernandez, who is currently at Chelsea.

Chelsea news: Demba Ba tells Nicolas Jackson to 'show some balls' |  Football | Metro News

Enzo Fernandez should be signed by Manchester United.

Chelsea spent a lot of money to sign Fernandez from Benfica as a result of his recent ascent, so it appears that United passed up a possible steal.

This season, his individual form has slightly declined, but keep in mind that he is still quite young.

We’re sure he has a lot more to give in his Chelsea uniform, particularly when the park’s center is properly balanced.

The great from South America is a superb midfield player with a lot to offer both offensively and defensively.


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