July 15, 2024

We’ve definitely seen that with Ronnie lately; to be honest, he’s played really bad, but he’s managed to win because others are consistently missing black and pink shots.

Despite playing poorly, he has acquired the reputation of being unbeatable this season.

This season, Robertson has struggled to produce results and believes that his aura of dominance has faded.

Robertson said of O’Sullivan, “He’s even talked about it himself, he’s almost laughing about it, people just can’t put him away.”

“I just have to play well because that is no longer me; people are putting me away if I’m not playing well.”

“I don’t care if my opponents are having the time of their lives on the court.” I must have done something incorrectly if they are engaged in the match of their lives. All I’m truly concerned with is making the most of my performances.

Robertson is competing in Berlin and will face either Joe Perry or Xing Zihao in the third round of the German Masters, however O’Sullivan withdrew from the competition.

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