July 24, 2024

Golden State warriors and Seahawks have agreed to a $860 deal to…

The Golden State Warriors’ 2023–24 NBA regular season has been, to put it mildly, forgettable; as the once-dominant team struggles just to finish above.500 at this point in the season.

The team’s stars haven’t really shown up this season, with Andrew Wiggins and Klay Thompson both appearing to be steps back from last year’s level of play and superstar guard Stephen Curry continuing to play at a high level.

Even if the Warriors’ 2023–24 season is going badly, there have been some encouraging signs. Jonathan Kuminga is beginning to play as the team had thought he would this season.

Though Kuminga doesn’t pose a threat outside of the arc, he has improved this season, and The Volume’s Jason Timpf thinks the Bay Area native is becoming more and more of a star.

With Jonathan Kuminga, “I’m officially at the point where you just can’t trade this guy,” Timpf declared. “Unless you’re receiving back a real star, you can’t trade him. This person, in my opinion, is headed for true stardom.

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